Rickard Gustafsson


Born and raised north of Uppsala, in the suburb of Bälinge. At age 8, Rickard saw the scene in Vanilla Sky where John Coltrane is featured as a hologram. At that very moment, he and the saxophone formed a life long relationship that goes all through mandatory school, high school and university.

In Sweden, we got “kommunala musikskolan” which is this wonderful institution where kids and young people can get professional tuition at almost no cost at all. During kommunala musikskolan, Rickard started to play with beat/fusion-influenced band Coconut Groove. After one year of jazz studies at Geijerskolan, Rickard went on and studied music at Ingesund University of Music. At Ingesund, Rickard got to play with some of the Swedish jazz elite: Rigmor Gustafsson and Nils Landgren.

During his final years at Ingesund, Rickard started to merge the use of different effect pedals into his sound. This grew into a natural extension of the sound of Rickards playing.