Neela grew up in Sölje, Sweden. A village located in the woods inhabited by 1289 residents.
Early on, she felt a connection to the river flowing through Sölje and used to go there to reside in it’s constant motion.
As the river moved effortlessly through the good soil, Neela felt an urge to move too and bought a one way ticket to explore the great unknown. This took her to London for 4 years.

In London she started writing songs. First appearing as tiny seeds in her mind, deriving from interests such as singing, meditation and yoga, they were given the time to grow strong and branch out.

Neela herself branched out and travelled to Spain where she learnt to let go of her conception of fixed thoughts and mindsets.
As a small river in Sölje, that never stays still, Neela moved on and worked her way through France, Germany, Denmark and back to Sweden.
Now Neela has settled for some time in the small town Arvika, where she dedicates her time to writing songs. Never rooted, always moving forward.