Jazzfabriken is a jazz trio that creates innovative compositions and out-of-the-box arrangements. The members of the trio composes and arranges all the music, which consists of originals by the trio as well as new takes on old treasures such as Elvis Presley. They now bring out their debut album Jazzfabriken.


Their debut offers wild turns from the cocky and careless to the thoughtful and philosophical, without loosing the sense of direction present throughout the entire record. Also performing on the album is Björn Cedergren, guesting on the track Midsommar. With an undeniable interpretation of the song he leaves his own trail of be-bop influences, unquestionably blending in with the contemporary sound. Jazzfabriken are Tommy Christensen (pi), Björn Höglund (bs) and Viktor Kannisto (dr). Recorded at Church bay studios Arvika & mixed by Kalle Widén and mastered by Kalle Widén and Rasmus Andersson.